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Clear Bra Packages


Paint Protection Film, also known as PPF, is an excellent option if you are looking to protect highly prone areas of your car, or the entire car altogether. This is a great option if you are looking to prevent rock chip, insect, tree sap and additional obscurities from damaging your vehicle. Long gone are the days where you can see the layer of film applied to your car. The experts at Miami’s Detail Center apply the paint protection film without compromising the paints coat, or the car’s style. The film is essentially invisible! With new technology, installers are now able to add the paint protection film to virtually any surface of the vehicle. We can apply the film to hoods, side panels, bumpers fenders and more. The film is clear and stain resistant and has technology that enables the film to self heal itself. Paint Protection Film is completely transparent and prevents swirling and marring that affects unprotected paint.

Clear Bra is a clear invisible film made of polyurethane that prevents damage from projectiles. Projectiles in the form of gravel, rocks, bugs tree sap can cause discoloration and distortions in the paint. These discolorations are a thing of the past once you apply paint protection film to the paint’s surface. The most prone areas of the car to these projectiles are the front grill and rear mirrors and we highly encourage that these suspect areas be protected. The packages offered at Miami’s Detail Center include the full front kit, full front kit with rockers and a full car application. Keep your car’s paint protected and your driving worries will be minimized. Have one of our experienced installers apply the film to your car and we will perfectly match the film to the exact specifics of your car.

Protect your investment!