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Ceramic Pro is the best protective coating on the market for your vehicle period. There are plenty of copy cats in the industry, but none compare to the level of protection, depth and shine that Ceramic Pro offers. Ceramic Pro primarily comes in 4 packages: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Sport. There is something for everyone with Ceramic Pro from the car enthusiast to the daily driver. Pick the package that is best for you. Better yet, all 4 of these packages come with a warranty. The Gold comes with a lifetime warranty, the Silver, a 5-year warranty, The Bronze, a 2-year warranty and the Sport, a 6-month warranty.

At Miami’s Detail Center we detail, clean and protect your paint! We offer clear bra, also known as paint protection film or (PPF) services for the highest level of paint protection. Clear Bra is known in the automotive industry as the king of paint protection. Clear bra technology has been around for years, but with the recent technological advancements in technology the clear bra film has drastically improved. If you are looking for the highest grade of protective solution, then clear bra is the answer. Clear bra is great at protecting any surface it is applied to and prevents rock chips, tree sap and other debris from damaging the protected portions of your vehicle. At Miami’s Detail Center we offer three options: Full Front Kit, Full front kit with rockers and a full car kit. The clear bra kit will add both protection and long-term value to the vehicle and will increase the resale value as well. If you choose to get rid of the film, clear bra can be removed whenever the owner wishes to do so. A great thing about Clear Bra is that it will not change the paint color or affect the paint in anyway. Our paint protection technicians use state of the art technology to cut and apply the paint protection film while using custom plotters to perfectly match the dimensions between your vehicle and the clear bra film.


Protect your investment!

Window Tinting is one of the most popular forms of car modification, and in southern Florida it makes a ton of sense to tint your windows. Due to the elements we are exposed to on a daily basis, the sun can literally discolor our interiors that can lead to unsightliness and high costs in upholstery costs down the line. Save your self the trouble of dealing with interior damage by protecting the exterior. We offer infrared and ceramic tint packages that will add style, protection and cooler temperatures to your prized possession. The two types of tinting products offered at Miami’s Detail Center are Ceramic and Infrared films. The films that are used range in tint shade with 5% being the darkest. We are able to customize each car to the driver’s individual preference and we want to protect you and your car from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Keep your car looking great while also keeping your skin safe from the UV rays.