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Complete Boat Detailing Package


Complete Boat Detail Package

Do you own a boat that’s docked in the Greater Miami area? Are you tired of exerting the time and energy to get your boat to that perfect finish you expect? If you answered yes to one or both of those questions then Miami’s Detail Center can help you out with your boat detailing needs.

Our elite boat detailing package offered is the Complete Boat Detail. We begin the process with a luxurious wash to wipe off any insect acids, dirt and grime off the exterior surface to prep it for the Ceramic Pro coatings. We then apply four layers of Ceramic Pro Marine to the entire gel coat of the boat.  Two layers of Ceramic Pro Rain are applied to all of the glass surfaces for extreme hydrophobic qualities.  We finish the process off with a cushion detail and a full detail of all the chrome and stainless steel objects on the boat. The Ceramic Pro marine application provides an eco-friendly perfect gloss finish for any boat surface and is very easy to maintain. The product possesses permanent protection (backed with a lifetime warranty) and is incredibly resistant to corrosion and oxidation! The best part about this package is that cleanups that once required hours of labor can now be done in a fraction of the time. The amount of time and effort you once spent on detailing your boat can be used spending time on the things YOU WANT TO DO. Call today or click here for a free quote.

Included in Package

  • Four layers of Ceramic Pro Marine on Gel Coat
  • Two layers of Ceramic Pro Rain on glass
  • Chrome and stainless steel detail
  • Cushion detail
The best way to protect your investment!